Earth Day in Cumberland County

In celebration of Earth Day, community members got out and cleaned stream beds, cemeteries, sides of highways, and planted trees.

In South Middletown along the east branch headwaters of the Letort Spring Run, volunteers helped the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy plant over a hundred trees.

A watercress farm occupied the location in 1891, and today visitors can still see watercress growing in the stream.

CPC recently took possession of thirty acres around the headwaters and is hoping to purchase the remaining four acres in June 2018. So far, the Conservancy has raised $415, 000 to go toward the purchase of the remaining farm.

Located on the property are nature trails (rail-trail), wetlands, limestone springs, wild brown trout, and significant historical resources. To learn more about the area, please go to the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy‘s website.

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