Trout Run Nature Preserve

I met with Kevin from the Audobon Society yesterday to walk around Trout Run Nature Preserve, Upper Allen Township, Cumberland County. The Preserve is located along Stumpstown Road between Williams Grove and Lisburn Roads. My interest in the property has to do with the years that my grandparents (Clepper) owned the property, and later my … Continue reading Trout Run Nature Preserve

Earth Day in Cumberland County

In celebration of Earth Day, community members got out and cleaned stream beds, cemeteries, sides of highways, and planted trees. In South Middletown along the east branch headwaters of the Letort Spring Run, volunteers helped the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy plant over a hundred trees. A watercress farm occupied the location in 1891, and today visitors can … Continue reading Earth Day in Cumberland County

The Bosler Mill

In today's Sentinel, there is a piece called The Hidden Mill of Cumberland County. The mill dates back to the days before Cumberland became a county. Abraham Bosler purchased the mill in the 1850s. For anyone who has known me for a long period of time knows the extensive research I've done on the Bosler family from … Continue reading The Bosler Mill