Cumberland County Legislature

PA Capitol Building, January 2020

Find Your Legislator
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MunicipalityPA House DistrictPA RepresentativePA Senator
CAMP HILL BOROUGH87Greg Rothman (R)Mike Regan (R)
CARLISLE BOROUGH199Barbara Gleim (R)Mike Regan (R)
COOKE TWP193Torren C. Ecker (R)Mike Regan (R)
DICKINSON TWP199Barbara Gleim (R)Mike Regan (R)
EAST PENNSBORO TWP87Greg Rothman (R)Mike Regan (R)
HAMPDEN TWP87Greg Rothman (R)Mike Regan (R)
HOPEWELL TWP86Mark K. Keller (R)Judy Ward (R)
LEMOYNE BOROUGH88Sheryl M. Delozier (R)Mike Regan (R)
LOWER ALLEN TWP88Sheryl M. Delozier (R)Mike Regan (R)
LOWER FRANKFORD TWP199Barbara Gleim (R)Judy Ward (R)
LOWER MIFFLIN TWP199Barbara Gleim (R)Judy Ward (R)
MECHANICSBURG BOROUGH88Sheryl M. Delozier (R)Mike Regan (R)
MIDDLESEX TWP199Barbara Gleim (R)Mike Regan (R)
MONROE TWP92Dawn W. Keefer (R)Mike Regan (R)
MOUNT HOLLY SPRINGS BOROUGH193Torren C. Ecker (R)Mike Regan (R)
NEW CUMBERLAND BOROUGH88Sheryl M. Delozier (R)Mike Regan (R)
NEWBURG BOROUGH86Mark K. Keller (R)Judy Ward (R)
NEWVILLE BOROUGH199Barbara Gleim (R)Judy Ward (R)
NORTH MIDDLETON TWP199Barbara Gleim (R)Judy Ward (R)
NORTH NEWTON TWP193Torren C. Ecker (R)Judy Ward (R)
PENN TWP193Torren C. Ecker (R)Judy Ward (R)
SHIPPENSBURG BOROUGH86Mark K. Keller (R)Doug Mastriano (R)
SHIPPENSBURG TWP86Mark K. Keller (R)Doug Mastriano (R)
SHIREMANSTOWN BOROUGH88Sheryl M. Delozier (R)Mike Regan (R)
SILVER SPRING TWP87Greg Rothman (R)Mike Regan (R)
SILVER SPRING TWP199Barbara Gleim (R)Mike Regan (R)
SOUTH MIDDLETON TWP193Torren C. Ecker (R)Mike Regan (R)
SOUTH NEWTON TWP193Torren C. Ecker (R)Judy Ward (R)
SOUTHAMPTON TWP86Mark K. Keller (R)Doug Mastriano (R)
UPPER ALLEN TWP88Sheryl M. Delozier (R)Mike Regan (R)
UPPER FRANKFORD TWP199Barbara Gleim (R)Judy Ward (R)
UPPER MIFFLIN TWP199Barbara Gleim (R)Judy Ward (R)
WEST PENNSBORO TWP199Barbara Gleim (R)Judy Ward (R)
WORMLEYSBURG BOROUGH88Sheryl M. Delozier (R)Mike Regan (R)

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